This is the moment to stop just dreaming it, and start living it.

We help you craft a personalized wedding experience and artfully capture your love story

On average, a person will live about 29,200 days on this earth. Where would you rank the day you commit your life to the person you love most in the world? The day you get married without a doubt has to be one the top 3. Why would anyone want to make it a day that makes other people happy, but not yourself?

MANY of life’s days are spent catering to others…whether its your kids, your family, your customers, or friends. We believe of all the days to make your very own, and about you, and for you- this is the one.

Here, we CARE about YOU and what YOU want to do on YOUR wedding day. We want to help you plan a day you will LOVE and never forget, help fill it with activities that light up your soul, and craft a meaningful experience with relationships that fill your hearts.

When it comes down to it, at the end of our road called life, when we look back, we’re not going to wish we spent more hours at the office, or care about the opinions of others, we’re going to regret the things we didn’t do. We’ll wish we had the courage to take that leap, we’ll wish we had some more time with our loved ones. Adventure is out there. Let’s go live life on our terms and check off some items on our bucket list. Let’s make this day Legen- wait for it… Dary!

To live life. To see the world. To draw closer and to feel. To see and be amazed.


We’re Randy and Lily and we CARE about you and your wedding day. We’ll help you craft your personalized experience and help you live the things you’ve been dreaming about. You can trust us to be there for you from the moment your gut feeling tells you its the right way to go, all the way to celebrating your many anniversaries in the future as you look back with joy on your wedding day.

More Than Just Packages, More Like Partnerships

Elopement Packages made easy

A personalized experience

Every couple is unique, from their love stories, to the vision they have for their day, our goal is to get to know the real you and help plan an experience around things you actually care about. We’ll be partners in planning your ideal day until it fits you like well-tailored outfit.

Elopement Packages made easy

We get it…its your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life. You want to be around people where you can be 100% your authentic self. From the moment of our first phone calls and video chats, we like to think of ourselves as your close friends and your biggest cheerleaders who also happen to be world-class photographers and elopement experts.

We help you put the puzzle pieces together

There is a cliche saying that goes “The world is your oyster” but sometimes that’s a bad thing because “decision fatigue” is real. When there’s unlimited options but only a limited time to plan, it can feel overwhelming. Don’t fret!

Not only will we help you filter all the miscellaneous and non-essential time wasters but we have the perfect resources such as the ultimate elopement planning guide, the wedding day checklists, which include  vendor, lodging and, activity  recommendations that will make sure your details come together

We Limit Quantity to Ensure Your Quality

To maintain a high level of service and attention to detail to your event, we only book 25 weddings maximum per year. Each wedding requires a lot of our time to research, help plan, edit photos & videos, and execute logistics so in order to maintain consistently high standards and a personal touch, we put a cap on our bookings.

Breathtaking Images and Heartfelt Story Telling

No matter who you are or how awkward you feel in front of a camera, we are going to deliver incredible images that capture the real you and tell the epicness of your story. All you have to do is show up and we’ll give you the guidance to make you look like an effortless natural. With each package, you’ll also get:

Simple Payment

We made our package payment structure simple, what you see is what you’ll pay. There are no hidden fees and all the travel costs are already factored in the package total. Once we chat and you let us know your desired date, if we’re available, you can book us with a 50% deposit (or 25% ). We also have installment plans available.


International Wedding & Elopement Packages

Packages Available Starting at $12,800


Anywhere in the USA

Packages Available Starting at $7800


CA/NVl Wedding & Elopement Packages

Packages Available Starting at $6200


We can help plan your elopement in as little as a few weeks, but ideally, we like to plan between 12-18 months in advance. Booking early also helps ensure we are available on your preferred date.
We believe that you deserve to have all the important people in your life present on your elopement/wedding day If these loved ones (family or not) are significant to you, they should be there. This is why we don’t limit the amount of guests with our packages. However, when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding using nature as your backdrop, we recommend keeping your size to 15 guests or less Some National Parks, State Parks, BLM Lands place limits on the guest size to protect trails and native plants. If you are interested in having more than 15 guests, we can always chat to figure out a location and a plan to give you the best experience and photos.
How much your elopement will cost depends on what what you want to experience and your guest size. At a minimum, you’ll need wedding attires and a photographer. We have an entire blog post on how much does it cost to elope that also includes a handy elopement calculator
Some States require 1-2 witnesses while others don’t require any, some States even allows you to self-solemnize. If you are eloping in a location that does require witnesses and you have family and/or friends who can be there for you, that’s amazing. If not, it’s ok. Oftentimes, we are one or both of the witnesses, and we can also recommend a list of officiants for you.
With so many beautiful places to see in the world it can be hard to pick where to go for your elopement but we have compiled a list of the best places to elope in the U.S. and worldwide. When in doubt, you can always get in touch with us and we can offer help on finding a location that fits your vision
Most of our elopements average between 6-10 hours but how many hours you need will depend on how many locations you want to experience, how many guests you would like to have, and what activities you would like to experience for your elopement day. A half-day elopement is around 6 – 8 hrs. Couples interested in both sunrise and sunset or multiple locations book a full day (10+ hrs.) See our elopement packages for additional information and if you have any additional questions or are ready to book, send us a message and let’s get started!