Sikh Indian Prewedding – Manisha & Brian

Couple in Traditional Clothes Looking at Each Other Near the Beach During Sunset


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Super Engagement on Super bowl Sunday

Manisha & Brian had quite an adventure for their Indian Prewedding photoshoot.  It was an all afternoon affair with 3 different locations starting in Pasadena City Hall, then Beverly Hills Garden Park, and ending up in Malibu.


We did a lot of preparation prior to meeting and I always like it when the couple has a vision of what they want.  They told me that they would have 3 outfits, one for each location. They had a western outfit and two indian outfits.  We had discussed doing both a photo and a video session so that they could use the pieces to share during their wedding.  Manisha was partially inspired by cheesy Bollywood movies so we incorporated some of those scenes at each location and it turned out awesome as well as fun!


With a shoot that has multiple locations, a lot of forethought had to go into the timeline to make sure there was enough time to shoot as well as travel.  Some locations like Pasadena city hall are particularly busy on the weekends with groups of photographers shooting other sessions.  

This sunday we hoped to be different due to the super bowl but it was just as busy as I remember. Luckily for us, we had different back up plans and several locations around city hall ready just in case we encountered this exact situation.


Right from the get-go, we clicked and got along really well. Both Brian and Manisha were easy to get along with and with some minimal guidance, they very comfortable in front of the camera.  


The shoot went very smoothly and we got so lucky twice…once was at Beverly Hills Garden when there was a 2 minute break of tourists and we were able to snap some epic shots in front of the sign with no one around, and then again as we got to the beach.  The weather was impeccable and the sunset one of the most incredible I’ve ever seen.


I loved being able to help capture their engagement photos while incorporating their requests of shooting under the palm trees in Beverly Hills as well as incorporating scenes inspired by Bollywood.


What movie or tv shows inspire you and what could you incorporate into your special day?