Luminarias Restaurant Wedding – Omar & Jeanette

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Luminarias restaurant wedding – Omar & Jeanette

Jeanette reached out to me through my website and booked me for her wedding with Omar at Luminarias Restaurant in Monterey Park.  


The coverage was for photography during the ceremony and for family portraits during the preparation.  It was a short day but a very beautiful one. As the name of the restaurant suggested,, there were candles and lanterns everywhere in its decoration theme.  


The ceremony was well timed and intimate.  The golden sun was setting over the horizon as the 60 or so guests in attendance looked on in joy and delight as Omar and Jeanette exchanged their vows and became united in holy matrimony.  


I met them for the first time on that day and had very little interaction with them prior to the event, but as soon as I met them, they were so laid back and easy going.  They both looked stunning and were really present in the moment.  I got there an hour prior to their ceremony so that we could take their couple portraits and family portraits.


We had a good 30 minutes to do their couple and individual portraits completely uninterrupted and undisturbed.  No guests had arrived yet which was perfect for really peaceful and fun moments.  In the short time we had, we were able to take a lot of romantic and editorial style photos.