Usually on my birthday, I like to do something adventurous like sky diving, or bungee jumping, or bubble soccer, however this year, I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to shoot for the sweet Cherelene, and her awesome finaceé Vincent.  The day was beautifully planned out especially since her sister, the maid of honor, is a bona fide wedding planner, and a spectacular one at that.  All the details were attended to in expert fashion and the vibe of the day was familial and warm.  The day went by smoothly and there was just so much love to go around.



I was excited to have a couple that met with quite an interesting back story.  They had connected while doing a mud run. Cherelene had cramped and Vince came to her rescue and helped her finish the race.  Their engagement photos in the mountains of San Bernadino reflected that adventurous spirit.  For their wedding, they were well put together and looked stunning from head to toe.  We were fortunate to be able to be the first couple that got to shoot at a newly renovated Catholic Church in Costa Mesa.  It was such a clean interior in the church and made for amazing lighting inside and great architecture for the exterior.

It'll be a surprise

After the catholic Ceremony, we headed to the restaurant Summit House in Fullerton for the reception where a fall themed decor awaited us.  The bride’s sister, Chiell, had put together a gorgeous display of details.  Some of the highlights and my favorite parts of the wedding were the Bride and Father of the bride dance which they had choreographed, a custom song from one of the bride’s maids, as well as a surprise performance from the bride herself to her new husband.  Of course he couldn’t help but shed some tears of joy over her heart felt and touching serenade.