The French Estate – Joyce & Peter Korean Wedding

Groom Carrying and Kissing Bride Wedding Photoshoot


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Joyce & Peter's Wedding at The French Estate 

 Joyce and Peter’s wedding at the French Estate in Orange, CA was a lovely celebration between two warm and sweet individuals. As a wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing this day and I’m excited to share my favorite images from this unforgettable event. Today’s event was a little different since I was the lead shooter for a good friend’s photography company instead of shooting my own. She wasn’t able to make it to cover the event so she trusted me with her couple and I treated them as if they were my own.

Anyhow, from the moment I arrived at the French Estate, I was struck by the gorgeous setting. I was a little worried with the overcast clouds but the weather forecast assured me it wasn’t going to rain.  Clouds make for great lighting situations and are very flattering to people’s faces.  I enjoyed the beautiful garden with the statues and it made for a great setting for the wedding ceremony.  

I arrived 30 minutes early as I usually do so I could take my time photographing the nice setting. I loved the brick walk ways surrounding the grass yard where the chairs were arranged and decorated for the ceremony.  I also loved taking pictures of the house which was growing vines along the side of its gazebo. They also had a nice little fire place area where people could get warm in the cold weather.

I first met with the groom Peter and took some of his portraits.  Although I had not met him before, we clicked right away and I knew the photos would turn out great.  After snapping some of his photos, I told him to get ready in 15 minutes for the first look. I prepped him and told him to stand in the spot I had scouted because it would make for a nice background for the first look.

I then went over to take the bride’s portraits.  She was feeling a little anxious at first but I slowed things down and just chatted with her and asked her about how she was feeling. It calmed her nerves a bit and loosened her up .  It allowed for great portraits and I believe they turned out beautifully.  The inside of her bridal suite was interesting, very heavily french influence with the furniture and the decor.  I made sure to incorporate the full length mirror and the furniture as well as the stain glass in the shot.

After the first look, we were running ahead of schedule, which doesn’t always happen at weddings. Usually we run behind.  With the extra time, we took lots and lots of fun couple portraits and was able to relax before the ceremony. The guests started to arrive and take their seats as we were finishing up the photos.

The ceremony was completely in Korean so I didn’t know what was going on so I had to keep my camera at the ready the entire time. Luckily for me, it followed a pretty traditional western structure and I got great shots regardless.  The thing that stood out was the bubbling of the emotion from the bride as the vows were being read.  I always look for smiles and watery eyes when I take photos because those are signs of people being in the moment.