Cindy and King’s Dreamy Engagement Session at Descanso Gardens

woman holding hands in Descanso Garden on an engagement photoshop


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Cindy & King's Dreamy Engagement Session At descanso 

 Love knows no bounds, and when it strikes, its impossible to ignore.  Cindy and King, a beautiful Vietnamese couple, were no exception to this.  They met each other through OK Cupid and hit it off quickly.  Their first date lasted all afternoon and evening. Their love for each other was evident.

As a wedding photographer, I always love hearing my client’s love stories, and Cindy and King’s story was no different.  When they decided to have their engagement session last November, they chose Descanso gardens, located in Altadena, California as their backdrop.  Descanso Gardens is a popular location for engagement photography due to its scenic beauty and natural surroundings.  Its 150 acres of botanical gardens, forests, and historical architecture make it a perfect location for capturing beautiful moments.

On the day of their engagement session, we first planned to take a few photos at Pasadena City Hall since it was a short 12 minute drive away and they wanted a different backdrop aside from Descanso.  They had planned their outfits well, they both wore an off-white color – Cindy chose a flowey white dress and King had a tan collared shirt with black jeans.  They were a perfect match for each other and it showed in every photo.

As we began the session, I noticed how natural they were in front of the camera.  it was as if they’ve done it before.  They walked hand in hand, talking and laughing as I captured their candid moments.  The gardens were at the start of their bloom with the flowers not yet completely open but still stunning.  The natural light was perfect and the color of the cherry blossoms complemented their outfits.

We walked around the gardens exploring the different areas and taking advantage of the beautiful scenery.  We stopped at the Japanese Garden, where Cindy and King shared a moment under the shade of a cherry blossom tree. It was a romantic and fun moment.  We also went to the Rose garden where the couple walked around the grass surrounded which was surrounded by well trimmed plants of much variety.

The session lasted a couple of hours but it felt like time flew by.  They were really easy to work with and their love for each other was evident in every photo.  We ended the session with one of my favorite activities to have couples do which is called the “Gosling.”  Basically I had King lift up Cindy and spin her.  Its something couples don’t normally do so it always brings out a nice genuine reaction from people.

Overall the engagement at Descanso Gardens was a dream come true.  The couple was beautiful and in a stunning location and it was an honor to capture their love story.  Its people like them that make me always appreciate my job.

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