01.  Finding The Perfect Location

How to Find The Perfect Location

What kind of environment do you both love?  Is there any place that’s special and meaningful between the two of you?

Mountains? Meadows? Flowers? Beach? Architecture?  Forest? Mission? Skyline?  Somewhere special at home?  Your work place? 

The way it looks is not as important as how you feel when you’re in a particular location. Once you have an idea of what kind of background you’d like, ask the photographer and they will more than likely have several recommendations for you that fit what you’re looking for.

They will also work with you to cast a vision and a plan for the photos so they look and feel the way you want.

Feeling good is just as important as looking good in the photo. It doesn't make sense to be in a bad mood all day then posing for a picture with a fake smile.

- RIVAS Team

02.  What To Wear

The important thing about your outfit is how you feel while you’re wearing them.  Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful, confident, sexy, and best version of yourself.  Color, brand, and style are secondary to how you feel in your clothes and I suggest wearing an outfit that compliments or matches your partner.

Generally, clothes that are well fitted are the most flattering in pictures regardless of body type.  Avoid clothes that are too big or too small.  And if you’re torn between two outfits you love, often times on shoots, photographers are able to fit in time for a change of clothes so you can take portraits with both and won’t have to pick.

White Pocket Engagement Shoot Randy & Lily. Desert engagement shoot. Sedona Engagement shoot. Shot by RIVAS Photo & Film. Photographer Randy Ignacio

We wanted something that felt out of this world.  We found a the perfect spot in White Pocket, Arizona.

03. Having A Vision

Art and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Different people prefer different types of photographs but all that matters is what type of imagery you love. Having a conversation with your photographer about what type of imagery you like is helpful and the simplest way to do this is to find images on Instagram or Pinterest you love and show your photographer examples of the general look and feel you want.  Some examples of picture styles are editorial, creative, candid, posed, or a mix.

Once you have an example of some images, your photographer will be able to help articulate what you want, the look & feel you’re going for, then plan the shoot for you. It will give them something to work with so they can deliver on what you’re looking to get out of it.

We can’t help but smile when we see our fur baby Sunny. Our house became a home when we got an 8-week old golden retriever and let her chase the swiffer around the living room.

White Pocket engagement shoot randy & lily. arizona engagement shoot. utah engagement shoot. desert engagement shoot. shot by randy ignacio. shot by rivas photo and film

04. Personalize Your Images

Your bond with your partner and your story is unique.  Images that show your personalities and incorporate your history can not only help the pictures look great but it’ll give it a personalized touch.

What kind of relationship do you have? Are you a couple that is silly? Playful? Serious? Romantic? Flirtatious? Sexy? Joyful? Give your photographer an idea of what you guys are like and it will help them give you guidance on how to get you to look your best on camera.

Let them know about your love story as well and if there are any special items that matter to the two of you. Items that have special meaning will help anchor those happy feelings every time you see it.

White Pocket Engagement Shoot Randy & Lily. Desert engagement shoot. Sedona Engagement shoot. Shot by RIVAS Photo & Film. Photographer Randy Ignacio

05. Relax!

Trust the process! If you have an experienced and skilled photographer, they’ll be great at making you feel natural and looking amazing.  You won’t have to be afraid of feeling awkward of freezing in front of the camera.

The best advice is to have fun with it, enjoy the experience and be present with your partner.  Let the photographer guide you and lead the session.  Doing all the prep work ahead of time will make the session flow and hiring a photographer you click with will certainly lead to cherished images.

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