Timothy and Tiffany were friends I knew from church and the Saint Columban Life Teen program.  When I was one of the volunteers for their youth program, we got to know each other a bit over the events we hosted as well as some of the retreats.  We were always around the same people but we didn’t really talk too much back in the day.  It is always a joy to reconnect with people after several years and last year, the contacted me since they had seen I had started doing wedding photography as a career.  We caught up and I was glad to hear they had started their own Escape Room business.  I love people who are passionate and have an entrepreneurial spirit.


They had hired our team for both photo and video coverage and right from the get go, they were easy to work with and very laid back.  They had an eye for detail and I appreciated the fact that they were trusting in the process.  They had a good idea of what they wanted and we vibed really well.  From the engagement shoot to the end of the wedding, I thought everything ran pretty smoothly.  We had sent our teams to the two different locations where they were getting ready, Tim at a hotel in Huntington beach, and Tiffany got ready at a friend’s house in Anaheim.  It was one of the smoothest weddings we’ve shot.


The ceremony was at our old stomping grounds where we grew up, at Saint Columbans.  It was a place I was extremely familiar with, knowing pretty much every inch of the church and all its customs.  It allowed us to get some amazing compositions because we knew about the upstairs balcony where we could get amazing overhead photos.  After church ceremony, we went to the very popular Noguchi Garden in Santa Ana where we took some very fun bridal party photos.  Everyone was in high spirits and it allowed us to be very creative.  I love the clean white background and the modern and minimalist look of the Garden.  Its a great spot for good reason and we also saw several other wedding parties shooting there.

After the Noguchi Garden portrait session, we headed over to The Venue in Huntington beach which was a former night club with a huge space for large parties.  The interior was decorated with lots of white drapes, white table clothes, and a white dance floor which gave off a heavenly vibe.  I really enjoyed their grand entrance which has been one of the most unique and creative entrances I’ve ever seen.  I wasn’t surprised since I knew how creative the couple was.  I particularly liked the shark costumes and the skate board entrance.  After an energetic reception, the couple topped off the night with table rounds and taking a copious and generous amount of shots with everyone.  It may have, in retrospect, been a tad much especially since they don’t usually drink.  By the end of the night, they were quite red and almost passing out, but hey- they had a great time.  Luckily we captured everything on photo and video because they probably didn’t remember the last parts of the night after those 20 shots and table rounds.