Middle school sweet hearts are a rare thing.  I’ve only met two couples in my 7 years of shooting weddings that have been together since before their high school years.  Sara and Hiram were one of these gems.

They met in middle school and they said they knew pretty early that “this is my person.”  On an early Tuesday morning, I drove up to the beautiful Ojai Valley from Los Angeles and enjoyed the trip up. I drove by the gorgeous Ventura coast and headed east through the many orchards in Ojai.  I ended up at the Air BnB they had rented for their family and was stunned at how gorgeous the garden and flowers were adorning the house.

Roast some S'mores

I arrived there early at 10 am, as I always do, so I could walk around and look at the venue where things were taking place.  I took a walk around property to envision the shots I wanted and where would look best for the ceremony and for portraits.  I was in luck – there were so many amazing spots we could shoot.

The ceremony was in the well trimmed garden over looking the orchard and the valley.  I saw a house with a blooming rose garden in front where we could do wide family portraits.  There were short walking trails around the house with an overgrowth of plants where we could hide away and do solo portraits with Sara and Hiram.  Every side of the house was as photogenic as the next and my biggest problem this time wasn’t finding a spot, but deciding which one we should shoot at first.

Oh, he's totally going to tear up.

As the ceremony commenced, I had my camera at the ready.  It was an intimate event with only 6 people in attendance.  The main focus was the couple and their relationship.  They had their own personal vows which didn’t leave a dry eye in the audience.  With every couple, I do a prep call to organize the itinerary of the day and thats when Sara, with much enthusiasm and certainty said that they had their own written vows and that 100% chance that Hiram would tear up.  Sure enough, after heartfelt exchanges, not only did he have teary eyes, but so did everyone there, myself included.

After the ceremony, the highlight for me was to be able to shoot some well thought out details such as roasting s’mores over a ceramic oven and shooting fun portraits around the gorgeous property.