Its amazing how much there is to explore just 90 minutes from home

There’s so much to explore within just a 90 minute drive from home.  Its amazing how little many hidden gems there are to stumble upon when you meet new people and they invite you to new places.  Alejandra found me on Instagram and she hired me immediately.  Sometimes you just vibe with people and their work-this was one of those times.  Her fiancee Robert and her wanted to do a photoshoot at a place they go to from time to time – Lake Arrowhead.  As avid a hiker I am, its a place I’ve never been.  It was one of the scariest, mysterious, and moody experiences I’ve ever had.

We were close tocalling off the shoot

As we drove up for our 4pm shoot, the dense fog hiding the winding road made us second guess ourselves.  The visibility was only about 15 feet in front of us and we had no idea if it would be more of the same at the Lake.  We were driving swerving roads for about 30 minutes when we were close to giving up, but we hadn’t come that far just to reschedule.  We would see it through and make sure it truly was clear or not and much to our joy and surprise, it was stunningly clear the lake. Thank goodness we did – there were ferry boats, tops of pine trees hidden in the fog, and a clear lake adorned with boats.

Who would have thought that the lake was perfectly visible?  In fact, the floating fog only lingered around the tops of the trees and made for an amazing moody vibe.  It felt as though we were in the Pacific North West.  There was enough visibility to see the boats docked in the backyards of the lakeside homes.  Lily, Sunny, and I met with the couple at the Lake, and in typical fashion, we arrived an hour prior to scout the best locations.  We were quite pleased with how many views there were, especially with the town right beside.  The architecture and the board walk would make for some fun and interesting compositions for the engagement shoot.


Alejandra and Robert met with us at the designated time looking fresh and well put together.  I was excited to begin the shoot even though the weather was chilly and gave us goosebumps.  Alejandra was a real champ, taking off a few layers to brave the cold just so she could look amazing in the flowy dress that she brought.  When I shoot at a far location, there’s usually a lot more time, less of a rush, and I’m able to be more creative with my photos as well as get to know the couple a lot better.  We had a great time walking around and chatting.  Definitely one of my favorite and memorable shoots.