Sarah and I have been friends for years sharing our love for going hiking and eating good food together.  We met in 2012 at a fitbody bootcamp and got close when we started going out to new hiking spots together.  I knew that when she met Dan, that it would work out between them.  She always spoke glowingly about how good of a guy he was and all lights were green.  I was so happy for my friend to find such a great guy and to have fallen in love.  Of course I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to shoot their engagement, especially in Kauai!


I started photography because I went with friends to national parks and I wanted to capture the beauty I saw with my eyes in more detail than my phone could offer.  Its only natural that over time, my landscape photography evolved into events for my friends, and eventually capturing their weddings, so it felt completely natural to shoot Sarah and Dan in Kauai.  Lily and I had joined on the trip that Dan and sarah were planning.  We figured that if they were going to be there in the summer, it would be fun to hang out with them and take their engagement photos at the same time.



We found the perfect one.

We had a lot of activities planned by land, sea and air.  Lily and I took a boat ride along the Na’Pali coast and had some dolphins speeding right in front of us while we sat a the of the ship – a feeling of flying over the water.  Then we soared in a helicopter tour to see the lush mountains of Hawaii which happened to have the most rainfall of any place in the country.  And finally we walked around the rim of Wimea canyon.

After a few days of adventuring, we took an afternoon to explore some of the island’s 80 beaches.  It was a smaller more wild island but we found the perfect spot with little foot traffic but amazing lava rock formations.  We met with Sarah and Dan there an had just a fun time shooting our friends.  Its always nice to have a personalized touch in photos and I liked how they brought their Dodger’s hats to the photos.