Who’s taking your guys’ photo? That was the number one question our friends asked us when we were planning our wedding.  Of course we would hire our own team, the people we always work with and the ones we trust the most.  After months of planning, researching, organizing, and stress, it was a relief to have our day and to be surrounded by our loved ones.



From the get go, we didn’t want to have a standard wedding.  After having been to dozens of weddings as a photographer and many more as a guest, we’ve seen a wide array of weddings.  We’ve seen a lot of amazing traditions and some things, that quite frankly, have been a bit played out.  We wanted to do something that was authentic to us and create an environment that was unique.  Much credit goes to Lily who had spend the evenings for months scrolling through TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and other sites on the internet to find inspiration and ideas on decoration pieces.  Ultimately, once we settled on a travel theme, the planning of everything became much easier.


We both have the travel bug, and having gone to about a dozen countries together and hiked hundreds of miles together, it was a no-brainer to incorporate all our photos and our experiences into the day.  All the details had been thought out and created to utilize the theme, from the guest list flight board, to our albums, to our table settings being named after places we’ve been.  Having a theme makes everything cohesive, and heck, it was unintentional but we both wrote vows that were travel and journey themed as well.


One of the elements we loved most was to have our golden retriever sunny be a part of our wedding.  She’s our dog-aughter and it was bad timing for her that she started shedding her summer coat a week before our wedding.  As she excitedly sprinted down the aisle to run to us, she couldn’t help but do a shake of all her fur, which happened to blow into the wind of our well dressed attendees.  Oooof.  It was cute to us but I’m sorry to the guests who might have needed a lint roller after that hairy display of enthusiasm.

With all the planning that Lily had done around the decor and the environment, one of the responsibilities I was tasked with was to create the games for our reception.  It was a job I jumped into with both feet as I am the more “social” one in the relationship.  We also wanted it to have a theme and we based it on one of our favorite books, “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.  Our games were based on “Physical Touch,” “Quality Time,” “Words of Affirmation,” “Acts of Service,” and “Gifts.”


The crowning piece, in my opinion, was the custom wooden wheel which I had commissioned someone to build with random “consequences” and acts of services.  The most memorable part of the night for me was to have my good friend Luis, come up first, roll the wheel, and land on “Give A Lap Dance.”  It really got everyone hooting and hollering and it was the perfect start to the game, getting everyone in the right mood.