A 10-Year anniversary and proposal day.

I first met Jonathan through Saint Columban Church in Garden Grove while I was a volunteer youth leader.   A few years later, we ran into each other again through our interest in photography.  He was a bit further down the road than me so we would go out shooting and he’d give me pointers here and there.

We’d hang out pretty often, as we both improved, we eventually started shooting weddings together. He’d be my second shooter at all the events I booked and vice versa.   Jon and I also hung out  grabbing dinners or training in martial arts, and during a few of those meetings, I got introduced to his high school sweet heart Jessica.

I remember thinking that they were going to get engaged and eventually married.

She was a sweet and intelligent person who was a perfect fit for Jon.

10 was a nice round number – a perfect time to show a ring.

On Feb 24, it was the time.  It was the 10 year anniversary of Jessica and Jonathan and he had asked me to photograph the moment.  He was going to spend most of the day with her at Downtown Disney, and at the appointed time at sunset, he was going to take her to where they first met along Main Street and pop the question.

He asked the Gem Theater to help him out and they were kind enough to put a sign up asking Jessica to marry him.  I got there 30 minutes prior to when they were expected arrive to get the best angles possible and prep the zone.

He shared with me his GPS location via iphone so that I would know exactly when to snap away.

They arrived right on time. I was taking photos behind a tree so as to not be seen and keep the surprise as long as possible.  Luckily, she didn’t recognize it was me and she first saw the sign on the marquee and immediately began to become ecstatic.

It was at that point Jonathan got down on one knee and popped the question.  She was stunned and in disbelief and immediate became overjoyed as she said YES!  I was so happy for my friends and we stayed for a bit to take some portraits to immortalize the occasion.

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