I’ve known Vincent since elementary school.  We went to middle school and high school together and lost touch after graduation but stayed in touch through social media.  I was happy to hear from him and that he was doing well getting his masters in business as well as meeting his future wife.  The wedding was elegant, a bit rowdy, very fun, and like a mini high-school reunion.


The wedding was planned in just a few months and it was gorgeous.  I was excited to see a lot of familiar faces from high school.  A few of the members of his groomsmen were friends from high school and it was great to catch up.  The day started with a Buddhist ceremony in the morning in Long Beach.  It was my first ceremony in a temple and it was so colorful and vibrant. I loved it!  After followed a generous lunch outside the temple with quote a wide spread of vietnamese food which I gladly chowed down on.  Fast forward later in the day and we took some photos and videos of them changing from their traditional vietnamese attire into a western wedding dress and a stylish velvet green suit.  The hotel was one that I was familiar with, the Avenue of the Arts Hotel in Costa Mesa.  It had a luxurious looking lobby  right at the entrance that made for easy and gorgeous photos. It also had an outdoor man-made lake in which we took our couple portraits at.

We did the portraits around the hotel grounds and did the ‘first-look’ in the beautiful outdoor area of the hotel.  Afterwards, we headed to the ceremony where the food, drinks, and fun were to be had everywhere.  They had it at a chic venue called Twenty Eight Restaurant and Bar in Irvine.  It had a great urban, modern, natural feeling vibe to it with a fully stocked bar and wide open seating area.  The wedding planners did a great job with attending to the details and decor.  From the moment we arrived, the party was high energy and loads of fun.  Every part of the reception reflected that from the grand entrance, the table rounds, the activities, and the people.  That group sure knew how to have a good time.