We create photographs and films that capture life’s most important moments in a beautiful and timeless way.

We help facilitate spontaneous moments for our clients in a fun and relaxed environment that allows each individual’s best self to show on camera.


We are a small team, started by Randy Ignacio, of adventurous photographers and film makers with a passion for serving others, traveling the world, and making friends.  Based in Los Angeles, CA, we have traveled to 15+ countries and to about 25 National Parks. We've been shooting private events professionally for 4 years.


Our images are strongly influenced by a love for nature, genuine human connection, and adventure. The images are vibrant, sharp, and have a natural luxurious feel. We incorporate bold colors with accurate skin tones.   We draw inspiration from several areas of photography such as photo journalism, fashion, editorial, and we mix them to what best suits our clients' preferences.


We use the latest suite of Canon DSLR cameras, lenses,  off camera flashes, as well as DJI drones.  We also use 4K raw video cameras that can shoot up to 120 frames per second and we use live broadcasting technology for remote  HD live streaming capabilities. We use the adobe suite of apps for editing and post production.


Life should be lived with passion.  We treat our clients like family and build long term relationships with them.  We search for the best in every person and situation and help others feel good and as a result, they look their best on camera.