Kamera, Kannie, Keaden, and Keiliana.  It all flows.  I had the pleasure of photographing close friends of Lily’s in San Diego.  We always see each other for birthday’s and holidays and we had a nice relaxing day near the waters of San Diego.


This wedding was a slight departure from the norm. They had already had been legally married before and we were just celebrating with a reception on Shelter Island at a restaurant.  Camera & Kannie had rented an Air BnB for the weekend nearby where they got ready.  We took some preparation photos and then headed straight for the reception, and afterwards, we took portraits at Balboa Park.

Photograher, Friend, Joke-maker

Whether I’m shooting family, friends, or clients who I haven’t met prior, I always take my job in the same approach.  I’m professional and put my job as my #1 priority but I always have fun with it and make the day as pleasant and smooth for the couple as possible. I do what I can to help in other areas that aren’t’ even related to taking photos such as planning the schedule of the day to some extent, being an ear to listen to, and keeping the mood of the event light hearted and upbeat.